5. Motor Behaviors

Category 5 out of 12

Theoretical Construct: Motivational and Needs-Based Theories

Associated Category/Categories: Apathy Behaviors, Goal-Directed Behaviors, Importuning Behaviors


  • Roaming, strolling, wandering.
  • Fidgety, restless, agitated.
  • Seemingly driven, ‘on the go.’
  • Chair / bed exiting.
  • Wheelchair rocking / propelling.

Purpose of the Behavior

  • Demonstrates change in motor activity frequency and amplitude:
    • Increase in motivational levels.
    • Increase in autonomic arousal.
  • Demonstrates a degree of unrest in the person.
  • Environment-dependent:
    • Milieu dictates type of behavior expressed.
  • State-dependent:
    • State of mind / degree of arousal dictates type of behaviors expressed.
  • Demonstrates presence of other behavioral categories:
    • Motor behaviors usually occur in conjunction with other behaviors.


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