6. Importuning Behaviors

Category 6 out of 12

Theoretical Construct: Motivational and Needs-Based Theories

Associated Category/Categories: Apathy Behaviors, Goal-Directed BehaviorsMotor Behaviors


  • Persistently seeking reassurance or assistance.
  • Demands to be met immediately.
  • Shadowing staff, being a pest, crowding personal space.
  • “Attention” seeking or “manipulative” behaviors.

Purpose of the Behavior

  • Demonstrates preserved motivational drives in detection and fulfillment of physiological needs.
  • Demonstrates presence of possible physiological unmet need:
    • Persistent actions focus on fulfilling the need, which may be physical, medical, or emotional.
    • Staff should identify and help satisfy the need(s).
  • Obvious / Overt Expression:
    • Sexually Deviant Behaviors
    • Addictions Behavior
    • Medicine seeking / medical attention
    • Disability support seeking
  • Ambiguous / Occult Expression:
    • Depression and D/NCD
    • Pacing / agitation
    • Disinhibited behavior


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