Category 8 out of 12

Theoretical Construct: Theories in Regulation of Emotion

Associated Category/Categories: Emotional Behaviors, Vocal Behaviors


  • Fearful / scared facial expressions.
  • Anxious / distressed expressions.
  • Clingy, ringing hands, rubbing face.
  • Expressing worry, fear, foreboding, catastrophe.

Purpose of the Behavior

  • Demonstrates failure to recognize faces and/or environment, which triggers emotions of fear and insecurity.
  • Demonstrates profound insecurity in milieu.
  • Demonstrates presence of security needs, which follow physiological needs.
  • Demonstrates need for “secure base,” memory aids, and reminiscing time with care team.
  • Demonstrates presence of anxious or disorganized attachment styles.
    • Attachment Theory: Relationships with receptive/responsive individuals forms secure bases and are essential to preservation.
    • Internal Working Models: Formed from these relationships, these models guide through periods of distress.
    • Attachment Models: Secure, Avoidant, Anxious, Disorganized.