7. Emotional Behaviors

Category 7 out of 12

Theoretical Construct: Theories in Regulation of Emotion

Associated Category/Categories: Fretful / Trepidated Behaviors, Vocal Behaviors


  • Appearing sad, despondent, tearful.
  • Expression of despair, morbidity, helplessness.
  • Mimicking, mocking, dismissive.
  • Sarcastic, teasing, derogatory, critical, negative.
  • Feeling rejected / increased sensitivity.

Purpose of the Behavior

  • Demonstrates emotional regulation of melancholy and discontentment.
    • Feeling of “comfort” when expressing melancholy.
    • Feeling of “protection” when expressing discontentment.
  • Verbal / non-verbal expression of emotion is in attempt to:
    • Feel good.
    • Decrease pain.
    • Decrease the risk of being hurt
  • Demonstrates need for embrace, accepting demeanor, and comforting responses from care team and family.


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