Beyond P.I.E.C.E.S. and GPA: The Meaning of Behaviours in Persons with Dementia (PwD)

On May 22nd, 2019, I will be presenting in Fergus, ON, Canada. You can purchase tickets to attend at:

During this presentation, I will talk about how dementia can impair the different circuit systems of the brain, and how these impairments can translate into the behaviours we see from PwD. I will discuss 12 different behavioral categories, and the ‘meaning’ and the ‘purpose’ of the behaviours relating to these categories. Through the use of the principles used to understand the ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ of individual behavioral symptoms identified under each behavioral category, attendees will learn how to develop innovative behavioral treatment interventions.

I have called this paradigm and the accompanying inventory LuBAIR (Luthra’s Behavioural Assessment and Intervention Response). The advantage of the LuBAIR paradigm lies in its ability to collect more data, and allow data to be put under clinically meaningful categories in order to help understand the ‘meaning’ of observed behaviors in PwD. Its use should substantially progress pharmacological and behavioral interventions in dementia and major neurocognitive disorders (NCD).

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