3. Apathy Behaviors

Category 3 out of 12

Theoretical Construct: Motivational and Needs-Based Theories

Associated Category/Categories: Goal-Directed Behaviors, Motor Behaviors, Importuning Behaviors


  • Indifference and lack of concern regarding self or milieu.
  • Lack of self-initiation.
  • Low social engagement with interpersonal interactions and milieu structure.
  • Poor persistence.
  • Emotional indifference and lack of emotional remorse.

Purpose of the Behavior

  • Demonstrates diminished / absent motivational drives in cognition, behaviors and emotions.
  • Demonstrates an absence of needs fulfillment.
  • Diminished Goal-Directed Cognition (GDC):
    • Lack of motivation in learning new things / experiences.
    • Lack of concerns over one’s personal problems.
  • Diminished Goal-Directed Activities (GDA):
    • Lack of energy / effort to perform everyday activities
    • Dependent on prompts from others.
  • Diminished emotional component of GDC / GDA:
    • Unchanging / flat affect (decreased range of expression).
    • Lack of emotional response to positive and negative events.


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